Marketing a Prior Learning Assessment program for your institution can be a strategic avenue for availing opportunity and academic resources to students who may not have realized their accessibility to a college degree otherwise.

The key to integrating a PLA program into your institution’s marketing plan is to identify the need while illustrating that the the program follows the same rigorous methods of awarding college credit as any other type of learning that takes places within your institution. The learning must be verifiable and assessed at a college level.

There are two key points in marketing your institution’s PLA program:

  • How do students learn about PLA options?
  • At what point in the students’ life cycle do students learn about PLA options?

Given the multi-dimensional nature of the benefit to students utilizing PLA towards the completion of their college degree, it is critical to establish a marketing plan that drives awareness of these benefits and looks at the student’s PLA holistically.

PLA can be used as an expense management tool. For students, PLA credits equate to less costs and accelerates time to completion, which can also mean returning to the workforce sooner and better prepared for career advancement. Some colleges, such as the University of Memphis, use PLA as a form of scholarship.