State Policy Approaches

In 2012, Florida, Hawaii, Idaho, Indiana and Virginia focused on only military service, while Colorado’s legislation covered other areas of prior learning:

House Bill 12-1072: Requires public institutions to develop a policy to award college credit for a student’s prior learning through work experience, military service, community service, or independent study.
House Bill 347:  Requires the Board of Governors and State Board of Education to develop rules and regulations for awarding college credit for education and training received during military service.
House Bill 2639: Requires the University of Hawaii to award college credit for service in the United States armed forces under the college-credit equivalency program.
Senate Bill 1299: Allows state colleges and universities to award academic credit for military education, training or service.  The legislation also permits professional and occupational licensing boards to count military education, training, or service toward licensure requirements.
House Bill 1116: Calls for the development of policies to award academic credit for military service, and permits veterans to practice their occupation in Indiana if they completed a military program of training or meet other requirements.
House Bill 195:  Requires the governing boards of state institutions to develop policies that award academic credit to students for educational experience gained from military service.